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What are the advantages of stenciled drywall?

Stencils give the appearance of stone, tile or brick without the higher installation costs of the real thing. Stenciled drywall can be finished flat or textured in a variety of ways and in any number of colors and styles. Stencils are also compatible with popular faux finishing techniques.

Drywall decorative concrete stencils

Why choose our stencil products?

Our heavy paper stencils are poly-coated on both sides for maximum moisture resistance. That means better performance, sharper grout lines, and less cleanup than other stencils.

DCI offers the industry's largest selection of patterns available. All our stencil products are manufactured at our facility in Webb City, Missouri.

Drywall decorative concrete stencils

How many patterns are available?

DCI manufactures the industry's largest selection of patterns available, available in paper for cast-in-place, overlayment, drywall, and asphalt applications.  

Drywall decorative concrete stencils

Can I use paint as my colorant?

A quality latex paint may be used as a colorant, however there are limitations. 

Can I paint my existing wall using stencils?

Yes, however there are limitations. The finished look will be very different from the examples shown in our Gallery. A painted brick will be flat and lifeless, lacking dimension and texture. It may be suitable for walls seen at a great distance (such as a theatrical backdrop) but is not recommended for in-home use.

Additionally, stencils need to lay flat to do their job, otherwise the paint will bleed under the edges. The steps shown in our Basic Installation will bed the stencil into the wet drywall compound, minimizing bleed under. If you skip the basecoat and try to paint your pattern directly on your wall, the stencil has nothing to hold it against the wall. Spray adhesives can be used to affix the stencil during painting, but will likely leave a residue once the stencil is removed, or even tear your drywall.

Drywall decorative concrete stencils
Drywall decorative concrete stencils

Are the stencils reusable?

Generally speaking, not on drywall. The process of installation involves painting or plastering atop the stencil, a fair amount of which will stick to the stencil. That's why we sell stencil by the roll, not as individual pieces — you get enough stencil to do a whole wall or room without needing to move patterns from spot-to-spot. This process is designed so that you can place all the stencil at once.

Drywall decorative concrete stencils

When will my stencil products ship?

All in-stock items ordered by 1pm Central Standard Time ship the same day. DCI offers expedited shipping for those last minute surprises. Please contact us for expedited shipping options. Free ground shipping for all orders shipped in the continental US. Some restrictions may apply. 

Who can I call with questions or installation problems?

Call us at 866-332-7383 or send us a message via our contact page

Drywall decorative concrete stencils
Drywall decorative concrete stencils
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