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What is the 2 inch Hex Stencil used for:


The stencil is used to create grooving in a topping product, to allow water to be removed off the surface. (similar to a tire tread) This makes the surface safer in wet conditions


Where is the 2 inch Hex Stencil used:


It is used on dangerous road areas to enhance grip.  Used when resurfacing bridge decks.

Green bike lanes, Red bus lanes, traffic calming areas, bump outs.

Baggage and loading areas at airports

Entry areas, steps, ramps and dock areas


What is the 2 inch Hex Stencil used with:


Most of the streets and roads are done with Asphalt overlays.

Concrete surfaces are done with cement overlays


Who uses the 2 inch Hex Stencil:


Striping companies for streets and roads.  Bridge deck companies.

Concrete coating companies.  City and county crews.


Where can I see the use of the 2 inch Hex Stencil:  


There are many pictures on our website under Asphalt Gallery.

Also go to for more pics.


What are some of the safety advantages obtained using the 2 inch Hex Stencil:


One of the largest improvements was made by the Asphalt striping industry.

With their toppings reflecting light it stands out day and night especially at night with car lights

This is a great safety feature for crosswalks, stairs, ramps and fire escapes.  You get this advantage in lower light situations saving on energy cost as well. 

Why Stenciled Crosswalks:


The advantages of Stenciled crosswalks are they stand out visually, improving safety.

It can be used as a topping instead of tearing out an replacing Asphalt or concrete

The coating protects the Asphalt underneath it, it also makes it faster and more cost effective.

The surface is very durable, it can be plowed for snow

It is also chemical and salt resistant

It can be done in multiple colors and patterns which improves the look of cities and towns.

Schools and colleges can have the stencil in their school colors. 


Are their grants and funds available for cities and states? 


Yes, their are TAP grants to improve alternative transportation such as biking, walk paths, etc.

ADA for steps and ramps.


How to get samples of the 2 inch Hex or other stencil patterns.


Go to and go to the online store and click the stencil sample pack

The sample pack includes 3 ft of  4 field patterns, 1 header and 1 free small circle of your choice. 

In the notes put what pattern you would like, if you would only like one pattern we will send you a larger piece of that one. 


What sizes do the stencils come in:


The field patterns are 1000. 500. and 250 sq ft rolls

The Header patterns are 321 and 160 ln ft 

The circles are BOGO free (of equal or lesser value)


Where can I get the info on the Asphalt Coating products


Go to

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