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All field patterns repeat every 66 inches. Straight-line brick patterns such as Basket Weave and Running Bond are fairly easy to line up. Random stone patterns such as Bushrock and Rustic Ashlar are a little trickier and often feature an offset repeat. Once you see where it lines up it becomes much easier to plan your patterns. Keep in mind that in either case, the edge is designed to overlap each row, creating one uniform grout line, not two side-by-side.


Some accent pieces require no assembly, such as the Small Brick Rosette. For patterns in multiple pieces, simply align the straight edges of each section and overlap.


Headers and borders are designed to be used in a single row, and as such there are no special instructions for alignment. Just keep them straight and level.

If you choose to install a double-wide border — two rows of the same border pattern — simply overlap the long straight edge. You can either align your stones or offset them in a stagger pattern. In most cases the offset alignment will look more natural, as your eye will have a harder time picking up the pattern's repeat, especially with random stone patterns.


  • The stencil will curl naturally in one direction. 
    Always install stencil curl-side down towards the surface.

  • Always install stencil in one direction only — do not 
    flip or rotate the rows of stencil.

  • Most stencil patterns can be trimmed to suit your needs or to accommodate features such as cabinets, windows and doorways.

  • Random stone patterns often feature an offset repeat

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